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Downloaded Hauptwerk for evaluation and for upgrades or updates. Upgrading from a previous major version requires an upgrade purchase to use Hauptwerk in licensed mode.

New licenses, license upgrades, and trial/update DVDs may be ordered through the Hauptwerk store.

Windows requirements

Hauptwerk 4.1 is supported on Windows 8 and Windows 7.
View requirements for further details.

Download details

Hauptwerk version:
Updated: 09/24/14
Type: .exe
MD5 (Full): d0a26b904c9899870823587d0d074a2a
MD5 (Update): ea87afa0a0c94577118f61c7a0e33e08

Hauptwerk USB Key Drivers

Drivers for the Hauptwerk USB Key are required if you have a license for Hauptwerk.

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Full installer - 2.30 GB. Full installation or update from any Hauptwerk version.
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